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Part# FLM22705

Slasher Chassis with Trans.

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The Slasher Chassis is a stock length Slash chassis. The name comes from blending the Slash chassis with the Rustler chassis. Sounds pretty simple right. Well it was. Kinda. We did add a few key features to make it truly one of kind.

  1. Solid steering post attachment. Steering post is bolted to upper and lower chassis.
  2. Multiple battery mount locations for weight balance. It's possible now to mount the battery as close to the front as possible, for maximum forward momentum.
  3. Mid-Motor tranny mount. Its now possible to run the tranny forward or backward.
  4. Kit includes adapters to mount stock bumper or wheelie bar to the chassis. 
  5. Wheel E Bar specific mount. The mount attaches to the tranny, shock tower and chassis for an extremely rigid mount. Adjustable - solid adjustments every 3 degrees for the perfect set up.
  6. Anti squat arm mounts with adjustable width.
  7. Adaptable Tranny - kit features our tranny that allows you to use your stock gears or for future upgrade you can install our bullet proof spider diff in either 48p or mod1 pitch gears.

This is a highly adjustable kit, not only for weight distribution but nearly every piece allows you to tailor your setup for what ever the task at hand is. From drag racing to off road. 

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