Manufacturer Fast Lane Machine
Part# FLM45175

XL LCG TVP Mid Tank Conversion Kit

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Kit includes: 

FLM45150 LX Low Center of Gravity TVP's x1

FLM45500 Servo Plate x 1

FLM45700 Motor Plate x 1

FLM45410 Skid Plate x 1

FLM46000 Servo Mounts x 2

  • Machined from billet 6061 aluminum
  • 4.7mm (.187") thick for extreme abuse
  • .500 lower center of gravity 
  • Driveshaft with lifetime warranty
  • Separate kits available 
  • Fits all platforms
  • Chassis was designed to increase drivability, provide options and optimize strength.

    We designed these TVPs to adapt to ever changing conditions. To grow with you as your needs change.

    You can use the chassis in a totally stock format. Fuel tank, servos all in their stock location. Or upgrade.


    FLM45500 Servo plate - this will allow you to do a mid-tank mod (run the fuel tank in between the TVPs) with an aftermarket fuel tank (just about any 1/8 scale buggy tank will work). When doing this mod it is recommended to get at least one FLM46000.

    FLM46000 Servo Mounts - These will allow you to mount your servos on the chassis, for example: Inline throttle (allows you to place the servo on the tvp right next to the engine). Or steering servo (this will allow you mount your servo on the tvp underneath the battery box location, provides a more solid steering feel, gives ample room when using FLMs servo plate).

    FLM45410 Flux Center Skid Plate - Provides protection to the bottom side of the chassis.


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